Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours is rooted in the desire to see our worlds careless attitude towards stewardship of the planet evolve. Our desire is to see that our children and grandchildren will inherit a planet that is clean, and peaceful.  Towards that end we have pledged ourselves to supporting green initiatives and organizations. To report on and encourage fledgling Tech Companies who are right now developing the New Technologies that will make lack of power, water and food nothing but a bad memory!

Our Vision For You!

Innovative Properties Worldwide is dedicated to helping and guiding new startup companies, and authors to achieve their goals. We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs who have launched many successful entities ourselves.

Photo by Carmela Nava
Photo by Carmela Nava

Meet the Team

Charles Warner

Founder & CEO

Joshua McKenzie

Director of Business Development 

Kelsey Elgie Domier

Executive Director of Operations 

Shane Brisson

Director of Creative Services 

Jason Riggs

Executive Vice President

Walter "Bud" O'Neill

Director of Digital Assets